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Ethoan Group is a specialized manufacturer of packaging machines and other equipment used in the packaging industry. Founded in 2000, the Ethoan Group has grown into one of the industry’s leading producers and distributors of high-quality machinery and related products. With operations in over 60 countries across the globe, the company has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry and the technology involved.


Ethoan Group’s range of machines contains all the standard pieces of equipment required for packaging processes, including fillers, sealers, palletizers, labelers and cartoners. Along with this, we also develop custom-made machines and processes to meet their clients’ individual needs and can accommodate any kind of product that needs to be packaged. Design and build services are also available.


Using our latest engineering and design innovation,  Ethoan Group creates the most efficient and reliable packaging systems in the world. Their attention to detail and focus on quality is evidenced by the guarantees they offer customers, including a two-year warranty for our machines and a, no-fault parts guarantee.


In addition to our technological advancements, the Ethoan Group is focused on promoting sustainability and energy efficiency in every stage of the production process. They also use a pollution-free production process and use only ethically-sourced raw materials.


By integrating advanced technology and a commitment to quality, the Ethoan Group has earned a reputation for excellence in the international packaging industry. our products are trusted by leading food, beverage, and pharmacy companies throughout the world. The Ethoan Group is truly committed to reliable service, quality products, and a desire to excel in its specialty

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